The West Wing Weekend

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Program Title
Day/ Time/ Type/ Location
Description - Moderator/Panelists

Beam Me Up, Aaron
Sunday/ 11:00 AM/ Fandom/ Linden Oak
If the West Wing & Star Trek (and Gilbert & Sullivan's shows!) are about duty, what are the similarities between the shows? Why do we long for principled leadership in a time of trouble? Leslie Hobson, Lawrence Neals

Charlie Young: A Career in the White House
Friday/ 4:00 PM/ Fandom/ Linden Oak

A spotlight on the character of Charlie Young. What were your favorite moments? What storylines would you like to have seen Charlie have a larger role in. Basically touch on anything and everything related to Charlie! Sudha Swaminathan, Donna Pinkney

Citizenship: Could You Pass the Test?
Sunday/ 3:00 PM/ Academic & Activism/ White Flint Amphitheater

A discussion of immigration and citizenship, both from an historical and current perspective, using real life citizenship tests. Elisa Birdseye

CJ Cregg: A Career in the White House & Co-Workers as Surrogate Family
Sunday/ 3:00 PM/ Fandom/ Linden Oak

A spotlight on the character of CJ Cregg. What makes her so compelling? What are your favorite and least favorite CJ centered storylines. What do you think CJ did after she left the White House? This panel will include a presentation by Laura Gibson on the ideas and history of co-workers acting as surrogate families. Laura Gibson

Closing Ceremony
Sunday/ 5:00 PM/ MAIN EVENT/ White Oak A&B

We will recap the first West Wing Weekend, say thanks to our guests, performers, and presenters, and listen to the vocal stylings of the West Wing Weekendpoofs. Clay Dockery, Claire Handscombe, Elisa Birdseye, Patricia Arriaza

Composing Scores for Film & Television w/ Snuffy Walden
Sunday/ 10:00 AM/ MAIN EVENT/ White Oak A&B

W.G. "Snuffy" Walden will lead a session of storytelling and workshopping about what it takes to create indelible scores for film and television. Elisa Birdseye

Crafting Workshops
Friday/ 3:00 PM/ Games & Crafts/ Glen Echo
Saturday/ 10:00 AM/ Games & Crafts/ Glen Echo (Goldfish Bowls)
Sunday/ 9:00 AM/ Games & Crafts/ Glen Echo (Ornaments)

Make your own West Wing themed crafts
Limited to 20 who sign up

Creating Art Based on Fandom Properties
Friday/ 4:00 PM/ Creative/ Forest Glen

Have you ever wondered how people write fan-fiction or songs based on the Bartlet Administration, or adapt a television show for stage, or create a musical about a Big Block of Cheese? Come and hear our guests Steph Anderson, Cat Smith, Tina Barro, Lawrence Neals, and Natalie Parks as they help you understand the exciting work they do. Andy Hicks, Cat Smith, Steph Anderson, Tina Barro, Lawrence Neals

Creating Balloon Animals
Friday/ 5:00 PM/ Games & Crafts/ Glen Echo

Learn to make balloon animals just like Amy Gardner. She’s a beginner too.

Crossover Crisis: The West Wing in Other Fictional Universes
Sunday/ 2:00 PM/ Fandom/ Linden Oak

Did President Bartlet approve the Avenger Initiative? Did Dr. Abigail Bartlet have a misspent youth? Or did she do Summer Stock? Was "Simon Donovan" just an undercover id for Leroy Jethro Gibbs? Hilary Hertzoff, Jennifer Bell

Dear Mrs. Morello
Sunday/ 4:00 PM/ Academic & Activism/ White Flint Amphitheater

Did you have a teacher that influenced your learning, inspired you to follow a certain path, or was just there when you thought no one else was paying attention? Have you had a chance to let them know how influential he/she was? Come tell us about it. Do you want to reach out? Let’s talk about how you can make that happen! Patricia Arriaza

Emerge America: So You Want to Run for Office?
Friday/ 3:00 - 5:00 PM/ Academic & Activism/ White Flint Amphitheater

It seems like more and more people are considering become involved in public service by running for office. Have you considered running? Wondering just what that would entail? Attend this mini-training from Emerge America, a non-profit dedicated to finding women who should run for office and training them to win, to find out. Elisa Birdseye, Laila Mohib

Exactly How Many Were There?
Sunday/ 4:00 PM/ Games & Crafts/ Glen Echo

This is a timed event/activity. Each participant will have 60
seconds to name as many WW episode titles they can in any order. People will compete two by two; whoever has the most legitimate and correct titles in the fastest time wins. Tournament format.

From  the Corner of the Oval w/ Beck Dorey-Stein
Saturday/ 10:00 AM/ MAIN EVENT/ White Oak A&B
Join Former Obama White House Stenographer Beck Dorey-Stein as she shares her stories and insights from her new book. Book sales and signing will follow the program.

From the West Wing to Advocacy w/ Melissa Fitzgerald
Saturday/ 2:00 PM/ MAIN EVENT/ White Oak A&B
Join Melissa Fitzgerald as she talks about her journey as CJ’s trusty, competent assistant to her real life work with Justice for Vets.

Getting Money Out of Politics (presented by WolfPAC)
Saturday/ 3:00 PM/ Academic & Activism/ White Flint Amphitheater

WolfPAC’s goal is to "end corporate personhood and publicly financing all elections in our country". Come hear about the group’s progress and next steps in meeting their goal. Elisa Birdseye, A.J. Vincente (WolfPAC)

The Greater Sorkin-verse
Friday/ 2:00 PM/ Fandom/ Linden Oak

A discussion of the greater Aaron Sorkin canon - we will discuss the common themes, characters, and influences and generally gab about The Newsroom, Studio 60, SportsNight, The American President, and more. Andy Hicks, Cat Smith, Jenifier Bell, Hilary Hertzoff

 How the West Wing Changed Me
Sunday/ 2:00 PM/ Main Event/ White Oak A&B

Hear inspirational stories of political engagement and public service inspired by our favorite show and bring your own West Wing origin stories to share and discuss. Moderated by Claire Handscombe, editor of Walk With Us: How The West Wing changed Our Lives

Isaac & Ishmael (staged adaptation & talkback discussion)
Sunday/ 3:00 - 5:00 PM/ MAIN EVENT/ White Oak A&B

Stage Play of the season 3 episode written and conceived by Natalie Parks. After the staging of Isaac & Ishmael the cast and crew will return to discuss the process of adapting the show and performing as these characters Directed and Adapted by Natalie Parks.

Josh & Donna
Saturday/ 5:00 PM/ Fandom/ Linden Oak

Talk about the ultimate "will they/won't they" couple of the West Wing. Did the pairing work? Has anything changed about the relationship in light of changing standards of workplace relationships? What did you think of their other romantic partners? Kaitlynn Smith, Donna Pinkney, Patricia Arriaza

Let America Vote Concert! and "Big Block of Cheese Day!" - the musical
Friday/ 8:00 PM/ MAIN EVENT/ White Oak A&B

Hosted by our own Communications Department heads, Ben and Jerri (Lawrence Neals and Tina Barrow) and featuring an entire set of West Wing themed songs written and performed by renowned fan works musician Stephanie Anderson with her band, a set of fantastic, fan friendly Ukulele songs by our own Creative Director, Miss Nerds tiles, Cat Smith and The World Premiere of the very first West Wing Parody Musical, “Big Block of Cheese Day!” Tina Barro, Lawrence Neals, Steph Anderson, Cat Smith, Andy Hicks, Alex Boruff, Kim Debus

 Let's Vote! with Emerge!, Emily's List & We're the People
Saturday/ 9:00 AM/ Academic & Activism/ White Oak A&B

All about voting, setting up voter drives, ensuring quality candidates, ending voter apathy, and much more! Elisa Birdseye, Sasha Sleiman, additional panelists from Emerge, Emily's List

Meet your Facebook Friends
Friday/ 6:00 PM/ Social/ Glen Echo
Here’s your chance to catch up with your “virtual” friends IRL!

My Years in the West Wing with the Cast and Crew
Saturday/ 1:00 PM/ MAIN EVENT/ White Oak A&B

Interview and discussion with W.G. "Snuffy" Walden, Melissa Fitzgerald, Kim Webster, William Duffy, Peter James Smith, and Devika Parikh. Claire Handscombe

Nerf Basketball
Friday/ 4:00 PM/ Games & Crafts/ Glen Echo
Saturday/ 1:00 PM/ Games & Crafts/ Glen Echo

Never Talk to me During the Jackal - Karaoke and Contest
Friday/ 10:00 PM/ Social/ White Oak A&B

Come and perform (or watch) as attendees let down their hair and unwind by "Blaming it on the Bossa Nova" and more. Anyone who wants to take on CJ's mantel for "The Jackal" will also be entered in a contest, winner gets a "Gail" to call their own! Cat Smith, Lawrence Neals

Non-Denominational, Interfaith Service: “Be Subject to One Another”
Sunday/ 9:00 AM/ MAIN EVENT/ White Oak A&B

In the cold open of “War Crimes”, President Bartlet complains about some bad theology and suggests his own interpretation: “Be subject to one another.” What does it mean to live our lives in this way? Through music, meditation, and sacred texts from The West Wing and the world’s religions as our texts we will explore what it means to be together, to feel a sense of duty to one another, to want to be the guy the other guy counts on. All are welcome! – Rev. Kim Debus

 Nothing About Us Without Us:
Representation of Disability on The West Wing
Saturday/ 2:00 PM/ Academic & Activism/ White Flint Amphitheater

From Joey Lucas to President Bartlet himself, people with disabilities are shown in high powered positions dealing with the stress of important jobs. How is that reflected in real life? Elyse Echo, Cat Smith

Pass the Popcorn: Life After Ginger with Kim Webster
Friday/ 6:00 PM/ Main Event/ White Flint Amphitheater

Join Kim Webster as she discusses the incredible journey her career has taken after her time as Ginger ended, spotlighting highlight from her career, unexpected turns and future goals. Cat Smith

Poker Night & Chess Tournament
Friday/ 10:00 PM/ Games & Crafts/ Glen Echo
Saturday/ 10:00 PM/ Games & Crafts/Glen Echo

The Presidential Ball
Saturday/ 8:00 PM/ MAIN EVENT/ White Oak A&B

After the State Dinner, all of our guests are welcome to join us for dessert, drinks, and dancing at the Presidential Ball.

Press Secretary for a Day
Saturday/ 6:00 PM/ Creative/ White Flint Amphitheater

Stand in front of a hostile crowd and see if you can defend the POTUS’ positions on current events! Be "CJ" or a reporter. 10 minutes of fun (or torture!)

Queerness and The West Wing: A Faithful Conversation
Friday/ 5:00 PM/ Academic & Activism/ White Flint Amphitheater

Several times in the run of the show, LGBTQ+ issues emerge, each handled in a particular way common to the thinking of the time. Nineteen years later, much has changed, even as much has stayed the same. We will explore how the show’s moral and religious grounding – as well as our own – might help or harm the work for acceptance and equal treatment, and how we might imagine our beloved characters growing in these ensuing decades. Rev. Kim Debus

 Quote the Quote
Saturday/ 4:00 PM/ Games & Crafts/ Glen Echo

A trivia game with quotes in various ways: What episode is this quote from? “Who Said This?” or "Complete the Quote." Jenifer Mercer, Leslie Hobson

Real Life in the West Wing
Saturday/ 11:15 AM/ Main Events/ White Oak A&B

Find out what it’s really like to work with legislators to make the laws. Hear from David Kusnet and Bob Lehrman, former Chief Speechwriters for President Clinton & Vice President Gore, plus journalist Bryan Monroe and Aide to President Clinton, Stephen Goodin. Fans of the West Wing appreciate good writing, civic engagement, and the intricacies of policy making. Learn from people who have walked the walk. Patricia Arriaza

Scene Karaoke
Session 1: Saturday / 10:00 AM / Creative / Forest Glen
Session 2: Sunday / 2:00 PM / Creative / Forest Glen

Scene karaoke is a chance for the non-singers out there to really get into the fun of performing. Select scenes from the West Wing will be modified to remove one character's dialogue. While the scene is playing on the screen, a performer will take the place of that character. Be prepared to deliver your best rendition of one of President Bartlet's speeches, Toby's rants, Josh's bumbles, or CJ's press briefings! Lawrence Neals, Andy Hicks

Seeds of the West Wing: Bullworth
Saturday / 2:00 PM / Fandom / Forest Glen

Watch Bullworth. Aaron Sorkin wrote an early draft for this political drama starring Warren Beatty. If you watch closely, you can pick up some of the ideas that were reworked in the West Wing. And be sure not to miss the hilarious performances by Josh Malina and Oliver Platt as Senatorial staffers.

Service Project for Bethesda Naval Hospital
Sunday / 1:00 PM / Academic & Activism / Glen Echo

Sorkin Jams Dance Party
Saturday / 10:00 PM / Social / White Oak A&B

On Saturday evening, as the official Presidential Ball winds down, switch to your oversized Jammies but stay in your dancing mood for the Sorkin Jams Dance Party!

The State Dinner
Saturday / 6:00 PM / Special Ticketed Event / Glen Echo & Forest Glen

On Saturday evening at 6pm we will be serving a State Dinner - this is a ticketed event. Cellist Dorotea Racz will open the evening with a performance.

Table Reads:
The Stackhouse Filibuster / Friday / 3:00 PM / Creative / Forest Glen

Galileo / Saturday / 9:00 AM / Creative / Forest Glen
Two Cathedrals / Saturday / 11:00 AM / Creative / Forest Glen
17 People / Sunday / 11:00 AM / Creative / Forest Glen

What's better than quoting the show to each other? Reading the show with each other! Join us for table readings of West Wing episodes - if you want a part, put your name on the list at registration - parts will be assigned randomly (out of a Notre Dame hat) and scripts will be available.

Trial of Toby Ziegler
Friday / 5:00 PM / Creative / Forest Glen

Let's settle this "did he?" or "didn't he?" thing for good! We will hold the official (mock) trial of Toby Ziegler. Come be a witness with your own argument and/or theory. Panel ends with a vote of the "jury" (the audience).

Unplugged: Cat Smith, Miss Nerdstiles in Concert
Saturday / 3:00 PM / Creative / Forest Glen

Unplugged: Steph Anderson & The Two Bartlets in Concert
Saturday / 4:00 PM / Creative / Forest Glen

 UP TO SNUFF (Screening & Discussion)
Friday / 1:00 PM / Main Event / White Flint Amphitheater

Join "Snuffy" Walden and Director Mark Maxey for a screening and discussion of his film on the life of "Snuffy" Walden.

Watch & Discuss:
Let Bartlet Be Bartlet & Season 1 / Friday / 1:00 PM / Fandom / Forest Glen
Hilary Hertzoff, Alyson Leslie
Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going To Jail & Season 2 / Friday/ 6:00 PM / Fandom/  Linden Oak
Hilary Hertzoff, Alyson Leslie, Jennifer Bell
Bartlet For America & Season 3 / Saturday / 0:00 AM/ Fandom /Linden Oak Andy Hicks
Twenty Five & Season 4 / Saturday / Noon / Fandom / Linden Oak
Jennifer Bell
The Supremes & Season 5 / Saturday / 6:00 PM / Fandom / Linden Oak
Jennifer Mercer, Janet Mercer, Leslie Hobson
Faith Based Initiative & Season 6 / Sunday /9:00 AM / Fandom /Forest Glen Alyson Leslie
Two Weeks Out & Season 7 / Sunday / Noon / Fandom / Linden Oak
Andy Hicks
A viewing of  a single from each seasone, followed by a discussion of the episode and the season as a whole.

Watching with the POTUS:
The American President / Friday / 8:00 PM / Social / Linden Oak
Dial M For Murder / Saturday / 8:00 PM / Social / Linden Oak
The Lion in Winter / Saturday / 10:00 PM / Social / Linden Oak

We're the People: A Film About Voter Apathy
Sunday / Noon / Academic & Activism / White Flint

A film about voter apathy and how to address it by the founders of We're The People. Kim Moffat, Sasha Sleiman

 Welcome to the West Wing Weekend
Friday / Noon / MAIN EVENT / White Flint Amphitheater

An Opening Ceremony to meet the directors and staff, get introduced to the guests, and get oriented to the West Wing Weekend.  Clay Dockery, Elisa Birdseye, Claire Handscombe, Patricia Arriaza, Lawrence Neals, Tina Barro, Andy Hicks

The West Wing and the Era of #MeToo: A Faithful Conversation
Saturday / 9:00 AM / Academic & Activism / White Flint Amphitheater

Despite so much to commend a modern viewing, there are many ‘ouch’ moments when it comes to the treatment of women and discussions of sexual harassment. Our conversation will explore the show’s moral and religious grounding around issues  of misogyny and sexism, and how we might imagine the show’s attention to #MeToo in a contemporary setting. Rev. Kim Debus

West Wing Family Feud
Saturday / 5:00 PM / Games & Crafts / White Oak A&B

In this "Family Feud" Game show we will ask our participating teams all sorts of fun and exciting trivia about the show and award prizes to the champions! The show will be an interactive experience and competing teams are encouraged to dress/act/etc. as "families" from the show! (Contestant teams must sign up beforehand and space is limited!) Clay Dockery, James Hinsey

West Wing Fandom - Not A Nerdtypical Response
Saturday / 9:00 AM / Fandom / Linden Oak

The very fact that this weekend is happening is proof that West Wing Fandom is just as much a legit fandom as Star Trek, Doctor Who, or any of those countless other fandoms where merchandise is easy to find, cast members frequent Comic Cons. But are we seen that way? If Wingnuts and Trekkies got into a fight, who would win? Cat Smith

West Wing Sing-A-Long
Friday / 6:00 PM / Creative / Forest Glen (reprise Saturday 10:00 PM)

Sing along with favorites of West Wing character, creators, and fans such as: Gilbert & Sullivan, Hamilton, Disney, and more! Lawrence Neals

West Wing Trivial Pursuit
Friday / 2:00 PM / Games & Crafts / Glen Echo
Saturday / 11:00 AM / Games & Crafts / Glen Echo
Sunday / 3:00 PM / Games & Crafts / Glen Echo

West Wing Weekendpoofs Rehearsal
Friday / 5:00 PM / Creative / Rest & Retreat Room
Saturday / 5:00 PM / Creative / Rest & Retreat Room

A Capella performance at the closing event; 1 hour rehearsal each day] Do you sing in the shower? At church or with a local group? Here's your chance to sing some Christmas tunes, some Gilbert & Sullivan, and a few other classics. We're not expecting Pavarotti or Taylor Swift. You just need to love to sing. We'll present our program at the closing event. Elisa Birdseye

The West Wing Weekly– A Critical Discussion
Friday / 3:00 PM / Fandom / Linden Oak

A discussion of the West Wing Weekly podcast, what the guys do well, what we love, and what we wish were different. Cat Smith, Alyson Leslie

The West  Wing’s Cultural & Historical Significance– KEYNOTE LUNCHEON
Sunday/ Noon -- 2:00 PM / Special Ticketed Event / Upstairs Ballroom

Our keynote presentation will be a discussion of the lasting cultural impact of The West Wing television show. Zachary Pincus-Roth, Pop-Culture editor for the Washington Post, will moderate a panel consisting of West Wing cast members as well as former White House staffers David Kusnet and Gautam Raghavan.
Our panel will discuss such questions as: Where does the show land in the discussion of "Peak TV"? In what ways has the show drawn people to political life? What did it mean to the people involved? What is the lasting legacy of the show? and much more.  - TICKETED EVENT

 West Wingers: Stories from Inside the Obama White House
Saturday / 11:00 AM / Main Events / White Oak A&B

West Wingers is a brand new (released this week!) collection of essays & reflections by members of the Obama Administration and White House staff. We are joined by the books editor Gautam Raghavan, himself a former Advisor to President Obama and two of the contributors, former Obama Administration advisors Lynn Rosenthal and  Stephanie Valencia. The book will only be available for purchase from our Author’s Alley on Saturday.

What Makes it Great: The Great Speeches of History
Friday / 5:00 PM / Academic & Activism / Linden Oak

Dramatic readings of some of the great political or historical speeches. Examine what makes them great stylistically, what was the historical context, and why does the speech linger? Rev. Kim Debus

What's Next?
Sunday / 9:00 AM / Fandom / Linden Oak

You get the call! There's going to be a re-boot of the West Wing and YOU'RE the new head writer! Pitch your ideas, read a script, tell us who would make it to the new show, who would you cast, etc.! Hilary Hertzoff, Andy Hicks

Where is Mandyville?
Saturday / 2:00 PM / Fandom / Linden Oak

There have been multiple characters that just disappeared, like Mandy, Jordan, etc. What happened? Where do we think they went in the world of the show? What stories do you wish they had been added to? Alyson Leslie

Where The West Wing Was Made: On the Lot at Warner Bros.
Saturday / 10:00 AM / Academic & Activism / White Flint Amphitheater

A discussion about working on the lot at Warner Bros. Kim Moffat

 Who Am I??
Friday / 1:00 PM / Games & Crafts / Glen Echo

An ice breaker or meet and greet activity; individuals will have card which they can't see with the name of a charter from The West Wing. They move around the room getting clues and giving clues to the other people until they can guess their character. Barbara Conner

The Wing Nuts List-O-Rama
Saturday / 9:00 AM / Games & Crafts / Glen Echo

How many theatre references from The West Wing can you name? What are your favorite episodes? How many actors from the show have appeared on Law & Order? If you can list it, come and share it! Kaitlynn Smith

Women of  The West Wing
Sunday / 10:00 AM / Fandom / Linden Oak

What were the roles of female characters in The West Wing across the seasons. Did the show’s treatment of female characters fit the times? How does it stack up now? What was the experience of working on the show like for the women involved? Cat Smith, Hilary Hertzoff, Kaitlynn Smith

Writing D.C. with Aimee Agresti & Karin Tanabe
Saturday/ 3:00 PM /MAIN EVENT/ White Oak A&B
Join acclaimed authors Aimee Agresti & Karin Tanabe as they discuss the process of writing about Washington D.C. in fictional works.

Yoga for West Wing Viewers
Saturday / 8:00 AM / Games & Crafts / Glen Echo
Sunday/ 8:00 AM / Games & Crafts / Glen Echo

The Younger Generation
Saturday / 5:00 PM / Academic & Activism / White Flint Amphitheater

How has The West Wing influenced younger people? Has it
inspired activism and civic engagement? From Rock the Vote to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, how are younger people changing the world?Elisa Birdseye, Emma Canfora