The West Wing Weekend

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Be Subject to One Another

In the cold open of “War Crimes”, President Bartlet complains about some bad theology and suggests his own interpretation: “Be subject to one another.” What does it mean to live our lives in this way? Through music, meditation, and sacred texts from The West Wing and the world’s religions as our texts, we will explore what it means to be together, to feel a sense of duty to one another, to want to be the guy the other guy counts on. All are welcome!

– Rev. Kim Debus

Video Produced by Rob McCausland

The Trial of Toby Ziegler

Let's settle this "did he?" or "didn't he?" thing for good! We will hold the official (mock) trial of Toby Ziegler. Come be a witness with your own argument and/or theory. Panel ends with a vote of the "jury" (the audience).

Cast (in order of appearance): Ben & Jerri, White House Communications Staff Directors: Lawrence Neals & Tina Barro Judge: Jennifer Mercer Bailiff/Greg Brock: Andy Hicks Prosecutor: Anastasia Kuehn Defense Counsel: Donna Sipe C.J. Cregg: Shaw Brewer Congresswoman Wyatt: Toby Ziegler: Kelvin Childs

Video produced by Rob McCausland

Welcome To The West Wing Weekend

An Opening Ceremony to meet the directors and staff, get introduced to the guests, and get oriented to the West Wing Weekend. Clay Dockery, Elisa Birdseye, Claire Handscombe, Patricia Arriaza, Lawrence Neals, Tina Barro, Andy Hicks.

Andy Hicks ("The West Wing" Opening Title Sequence Remix):

Video produced by Rob McCausland