The West Wing Weekend

Special Presentation: West Wingers Stories from Inside the Obama White House

Clay Dockery

We are excited to announce that the West Wing Weekend will include a presentation featuring several of the contributors to the NEW book West Wingers: Stories from the Dream Chasers, Change Makers, and Hope Creators Inside the Obama White House edited by Gautam Raghavan.

Mr. Raghavan will be joining us to discuss the book at 11:00 AM on Sunday along with Former Advisors to President Obama, and contributors, Lynn Rosenthal & Stephanie Valencia.

Mr. Raghavan will also be participating in our Keynote Program & Luncheon in the Hotel Ballroom on Sunday, September 30th at Noon. (We will be announcing more details on the Keynote program soon.)

For more details on the lives and careers, of our guests please see their full bios here.

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