The West Wing Weekend

Keynote Presentation: The Cultural & Historical Significance of The West Wing moderated by Zachary Pincus-Roth

Clay Dockery

The West Wing’s Cultural & Historical Significance– KEYNOTE LUNCHEON
Sunday/ Noon -- 2:00 PM / Special Ticketed Event / Upstairs Ballroom

Our keynote presentation will be a discussion of the lasting cultural impact of The West Wing television show. Zachary Pincus-Roth, Pop-Culture editor for the Washington Post, will moderate a panel consisting of West Wing cast members Kim Webster & Devika Parikh as well as former White House staffers David Kusnet and Gautam Raghavan.

Our panel will discuss such questions as: Where does the show land in the discussion of "Peak TV"? In what ways has the show drawn people to political life? What did it mean to the people involved? What is the lasting legacy of the show? and much more. 

Ticket sales for catered Lunch are CLOSED, but if you would like to attend the presentation you may do so for $15 by sending an email to and getting details. You must have a ticket to attend.